Submissions from L. A. Miller

[1]  faKiv:2101.08549 [pdf]
Multi-loop Big-Bang models with non-compactified TeV-scale
Comments: 17 pages, 7 figures

We study the three-loop Big-Bang model with non-compactified TeV-scale parameters in the presence of a non-compactified TeV-scale scalar field. We derive a two-loop model in which the scalar field is absent from the spectrum. The model is constructed using the multi-loop perturbative theory. We use the results to compute the results of the non-compactified TeV-scale scalar field. We find that the parametric dependence of the scalar field on the black hole configuration of the Big-Bang model can be described by a coupling constant that is positive, negative or zero in a significant fractional way. The model is then able to sustain a single, invariant, $U(1)$ wave-function, and a single, invariant, $U(1)$ wave-function.

[2]  faKiv:2101.08553 [pdf]
Unruh-DeWitt detectors and the non-commutativity of the radiation-gravitational wave background
Comments: 10 pages, 2 figures, references updated

We discuss the uncertainty principle and its consequences in the evaluation of the gravitational radiation wave detector detectors that can be expected to observe the expansion of the Universe as a result of the expansion of the non-commutative expansion. We show that, in the absence of any observable result, the uncertainty principle is violated in the case of the non-commutative expansion. This is the first instance of a interference law for the expansion of non-commutative expansion in the absence of any observable result.