Submissions from E. M. A. Santos

[1]  faKiv:2103.08549 [pdf]
Multi-loop Big-Bang models with non-compactified TeV-scale
Comments: 17 pages, 7 figures

We study the three-loop Big-Bang model with non-compactified TeV-scale parameters in the presence of a non-compactified TeV-scale scalar field. We derive a two-loop model in which the scalar field is absent from the spectrum. The model is constructed using the multi-loop perturbative theory. We use the results to compute the results of the non-compactified TeV-scale scalar field. We find that the parametric dependence of the scalar field on the black hole configuration of the Big-Bang model can be described by a coupling constant that is positive, negative or zero in a significant fractional way. The model is then able to sustain a single, invariant, $U(1)$ wave-function, and a single, invariant, $U(1)$ wave-function.