Submissions from Christophe Faller

[1]  faKiv:2104.07556 [pdf]
A Look at the Model of the Black Hole Universe
Comments: 5 pages

We study the cosmological model of the black hole universe with a time dependent scalar field in order to understand the effects of the black hole horizon on the dynamics of the cosmos. We consider the model with a time dependent scalar field and seek a simple solution, which is a metric function of several parameters. We test our solution for the prediction of the cosmological constant of the black hole universe. Our solution is a constant of the form $O_\hbar\left(O_\hbar\right)$ where $O_\hbar$ is the inverse of the cosmological constant. The solution is possible in the $\mathcal{O}$ and in the $\mathcal{N}$ space-time.

[2]  faKiv:2104.07620 [pdf]
The supersymmetric Zagier-Weil model
Comments: 19 pages, LaTeX2e

The Zagier-Weil model is a model of Lewis-Yang-Mills (LWM), the complex scalar field in the LWM with a degenerate mass scale. We study the cosmological parameters of the model and relate them to the results obtained by [arXiv:1401.04663], which are presented here.