Submissions from Alexey Grozdanov

[1]  faKiv:2101.07479 [pdf]
Conformal Neutrino Astrophysics in the presence of a gravitino
Comments: 12 pages, 5 figures

A study of the geometrical evolution of cosmological neutrinos in the presence of a gravitino is given in the context of the conformal neutron star model. To do so we employ the observables of the gravitational interaction between the neutron stars and the graviton. By the use of the objects parameters we numerically calculate the time evolution of neutrinos in the presence of a graviton. We also report the results of the comparison between the results obtained in the two cases and show that the results are identical. Furthermore, we show that this model does not form a regular vacuum state with a graviton and shows that there is no observable sign of the neutrino in such a state. Finally we discuss the constraints of the observables.