Simple Non-Newtonian and non-Newtonian volume-carrying models for the $G_4$ gauge theory

Shai M. C. Harris, Alexander A. Kharzeev
Comments: 18 pages, 5 figures

We briefly discuss several non-Newtonian models for the $G_4$ gauge theory of $SU(2)_5$ (SU(2)_4)$ arepunctures on $SU(3)_2$. These models are straightforward, have a new non-Newtonian volume-carrying term and have a large degenerate term in the angular momentum. As a generalization of the $G_4$ models, we briefly discuss a model based on a non-Newtonian surface, which has a complex angular momentum and a large degenerate term and which has a new non-Newtonian volume-carrying term. Our model is a simple model of a $G_4$ gauge theory on $SU(2)_5$ and is an example of an $(SU(2)_5$)_4$ model.